Welcome to Elizabeth Bardsley & Associates, Inc.

Elizabeth Bardsley & Associates is a trusted ally in the entertainment community; known for our ability to effectively interact with legal counsel, executives, writers, producers, and directors.

We are “Script Annotation Specialists,” and also offer a multitude of services designed to meet the ever-changing needs of filmmakers.

Script Annotations

Producers and writers of fact-based or fact-inspired projects are continually faced with the frustrations of providing documentation for legal counsel and insurance providers.

Elizabeth Bardsley & Associates is the trusted source to effectively interact with all concerned parties and provide an annotation specifically designed to assist with the evaluation of legal issues and procurement of Errors & Omissions Insurance.

Book Annotations

As readers question the veracity of high-profile nonfiction, the literary world strives to provide readers with an assurance of validity.

Elizabeth Bardsley & Associates offers the literary world an essential layer of assurance with comprehensive documents patterned after our unique script annotation format.