I was lucky enough to have worked with Elizabeth after writing the screenplay for The Wolf of Wall Street.  Though annotating the script was an enormous undertaking, with hundreds and hundreds of details that had to be thoroughly substantiated, Elizabeth made the entire process painless and actually fun.  She was a meticulously prepared, yet easy-going collaborator in what could easily have been an arduous process.  I look forward to our next project together. Terence Winter, Screenwriter

Elizabeth: First and foremost: Thank you, again… Your work on the production of INTO THE WILD exceeded everyone’s expectations. Not only did you provide your standard, incredibly thorough, script annotation; you also located individuals that even the author of our optioned source had long lost track of. When you went out, armed with only a first name and literally drove into the desert and found someone whose whereabouts had been unknown for ten years, I was amazed! And, as if that wasn’t enough, getting several of the individuals you located to sign rights agreements at no cost to the production was very much appreciated. To put it in your words, you truly ‘pulled the bunny out of the hat. Thank you. David Blocker, Producer

I can only express total admiration for the quality and efficiency of your work.  Your annotations were extraordinarily thorough as well as concise and to the point.  I was also impressed by your persistence in addressing the many issues in those movies.  Finally, I want to express my thanks for your dedication that allowed you to meet the deadlines for those projects.  As you know, annotations are an important part of any fact-based work and your ability to work within the overall schedule was critical to your successful use of the annotations. Daniel Waggoner, Davis Wright Tremaine Law Offices

As an investigative journalist and author for some 40 years, I know the importance of documentation and fact-checking. And as a producer of motion pictures, I learned the importance of a company that I now value as a trusted professional – Elizabeth Bardsley & Associates. During the preproduction stages of three network mini-series, Elizabeth and her associates have enthusiastically delved into immense files of research material and assembled extraordinarily thorough, yet concise annotations that satisfied the needs of the most fastidious entertainment laywers, executives and E&O Insurance companies. Lawrence Schiller, Producer

Elizabeth Bardsley’s work is simply unparalleled.  We stand in awe of her ability to maintain rigorous research methods while providing her clients with that holy grail of film and television needs – timely turnaround. We have had continuously happy partnerships with her on numerous projects over the years — our services can be intertwined in a way in which they absolutely complement each other — and we know of no other annotation service that meets her level of dedication and thoroughness. Callista Card, Co-Director, Joan Pearce Research Associates

In a world of blogs and blurred reality, accuracy and honesty have even higher value. Those of us who cherish non-fiction writing can find an ally in a surprising place — the film industry. For years Elizabeth Bardsley has provided fact-checking and documentation to support major Hollywood productions, saving producers and distributors – not to mention their lawyers – from countless headaches and untold numbers of public conflicts. In my work with Elizabeth on a based-on-a-true-story film I found her and her staff to be resourceful, accurate and scrupulous. Her services may be the solution for editors, publishers and agents who are determined to give readers reliable non-fiction. As someone who shares her devotion to the highest values of the genre I certainly welcomed her help, back-up, and quality assurance. Michael D’Antonio, Author

Art is not art if it doesn’t get it right. Elizabeth Bardsley gets it right. Her discipline in ‘sweating the details’ brings out the best in the art and the artists of the highest artistic form of them all: motion pictures. Howard A. Klausner, Screenwriter

Elizabeth Bardsley is quite simply, the very best script researcher / consultant that I have encountered in twenty years of docudrama writing and producing – and by now, I have worked with most of the people in that particular trade.  Not only is her work complete, detailed, and supported by up to five subsidiary sources, but her approach is also respectful of the material submitted.  She is at once both very diligent in identifying possible problem areas yet also very concerned to protect the integrity and point-of-view of the writer’s work.  She is that rare example of the very best consultant – a trusted ally in getting the job done.  I can say with confidence that her efforts have made the film itself possible. Lionel Chetwynd, Screenwriter

After having annotated a number of my fact-based screenplays myself, I was thrilled to discover that somebody like Elizabeth Bardsley existed. I’ve just finished the third project in which Elizabeth ‘s services were once again invaluable. She’s thorough, fast, reliable — and though I never dreamed I’d say this, she makes the process pleasurable. Her careful attention to detail, facts, and every imaginable legal concern saves me countless hours and the producers countless worries. Elizabeth has been doing this long enough that she knows where the red flags are. I look forward to working with her again on future projects. Alan Hines, Screenwriter

Elizabeth Bardsley and Associates are an invaluable resourse for the writer and producer concerned with historical and dramatic accuracy. They find reasons why your movie should be made instead of throwing up trivial roadblocks in the path to production. In my case, they were asked to do everything from finding the proper name for a surgical retractor used in the first breast implant surgery to documenting who in Hollywood had been ‘enhanced.’ Whatever they were called upon to do, they delivered in exemplary fashion. John Stockwell, Screenwriter

The unique range of services provided by Elizabeth Bardsley and her incredible wealth of research contacts make her an invaluable resource for any production.  In our project alone [DICK], Elizabeth provided period research, circa 1970s magazines and TV commercials for props and video playback, and located aerial stock footage – all of which made it into the movie.  More importantly, however, Elizabeth ‘s support did not end with the delivery of these elements.  Contract negotiations, clearance releases and product returns were all part of Elizabeth’s services as she undertook the necessary follow-up procedures to ensure that anything she delivered had no legal strings attached.  In addition, if anything she presented did not stand up to this legal scrutiny, Elizabeth was always ready with alternative suggestions to ensure that the director received the material he needed before it was time to roll the camera.  It is my pleasure to recommend Elizabeth to any production considering the use of her services and I will not hesitate to engage her for any of my future projects. David Coatsworth, Producer